Wednesday, February 6, 2013

30 Top Wedding Trends for 2013 - #23 Candles and Jars

We're absolutely loving this trend and we hope to see more...

23. Candles and Jars

Wedding of Ryan and Natalie
Candles inside jars, candles by themselves, jars with flowers, multiple sizes of jars - this trend is unbelievably versatile and it works with almost any theme. 

Candles are stunning in any locations, the glow of a flame inspires warmth, and that flickering dim light puts nerves by the wayside. Teaming candles inside jars of any size creates a stunning glittery look as the flames glint of the glass.'

Wedding of Daniel and Cindy
Wedding of Hayley and Leo
CkMetro Photos
Jars can be a great way of expressing style as well. Jars can be filled with anything, whether it be water, earth, fire, flowers or even photos!

Once you start looking at jars, you'll never stop! They're cheap (especially if you recycle) and you can collect them yourself. Try doing a bit of Pinterest research for some stunning ideas.

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